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Ecco fatto! Discover the news

Ecco fatto! Discover the news

"Ecco fatto!" is a ready-to-mix liquid base that allows you to quickly produce any milk ice cream. Ecco fatto! it is a GLUTEN FREE product with 66% of GMO High Quality Trentino milk; it does not contain aromas, dyes and preservatives. The quality of the raw materials and the perfect balance of the mixture allow to obtain an ice cream with a velvety structure with minute crystallization and with the characteristic taste of fresh milk. It is kept at room temperature for a year thanks to the tetrapak container (steryl box), which maintains all the organoleptic properties of the ingredients and which guarantees easy, daily, hygienic consumption, without waste. The ice cream maker will thus have a single product available to make all the milk ice creams quickly. He will then personalize the recipe by adding ingredients, pastas and variegates, measuring them according to his taste and experience. Ecco fatto! it is available in 1kg tetrapak brick. Each carton contains 6 bricks.

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