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History and philosophy

Arte Gelato was founded 12 October 1990 by Giuseppe Alpago and Giuseppe Boffo, after working for years in the ice cream parlors in Germany.

Their deep technical knowledge of ice cream production was realized with the brilliant idea of ​​creating Arte Gelato, a company able to provide the ice cream stores to 360 °: a only vendor to ease and simplify the activity of the ice cream man .

The heart of the company is the lab, which are produced powder bases : the first ever was Base Latte Artegel, followed closely by the other studied mixtures of which Arteyog, who in the early 90 opens yogurt flavor in ice cream; a base that gets immediately a immediate and unfailing success .

Over time the offer of Arte Gelato has been greatly expanded to include a wide range of products that fully meet the demands of a increasingly demanding customers: not only bases but also paste, ripple sauces, fruit purees, cones, waffles, accessories and a whole set of ingredients useful to the ice cream maker to create his specialties: rapé coconut, licorice powder, vanilla beans, cocoa, raisins sultanas and high quality chocolates.

Over the years the Arte Gelato network is output by the Italian and German borders by conquering a more international clientele.

“The best ingredients for an high quality ice-cream.”

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